The Help Desk

Working at the help desk, your job is tasked with dealing with intergalactic aliens who come in and out of the lost and found turning in lost items and returning lost items. Its your task to return what belongs to their rightful owner -- Controls There will be characters coming to your help-desk to drop of items that they found, or retreive items that they've misplaced. Characters that have found an item will give them to you, drag the item into the slots on the inventory to move on to the next character Characters that are looking for an item will describe the item to you, drag the item from the inventory to the drop-off zone next to the character to give them the item If you do not have the item in your inventory, you can tell the character that you don't have the item by pressing the "I don't have it!" button above your inventory.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

After downloading the help-desk.rar file, extract the contents and then double-click help-desk.unity to play the game!


David Enersen - Art lead | director

Kenya Barnes - Programmer 

Hunter Kavanagh - Programmer

Chase Dailey - Narrative lead | Utilities

Riley - Music | Utilities

special thanks to "Meeran" for helping out with the design process




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Point & Click