Hearth Keys

Welcome to Hearth Keys, This is a game where you need to lose some hearts to be able to collect digital keys that will help you to open doors, You have 10 min to save the world by finding the main key hidden in the game. Being a hero doesn't come without sacrifices but not too much , When you die you lose all your collected cards, sometimes it's better to restart ! To save the world Find the key Before time runs out, The timer start when you shoot your first bullet ! and finally ! Avoid collecting hearts when you don't need it ! Seriously... This may seems weird but this game is more near to a puzzle game than an action game but there is some action we hope you will like it.
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MS Windows, Mac OS X, Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
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Unity (any product)
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You can either choose to play the Html5 Version Directly or download the windows version zip file just make sure to extract all the containt at the same location before executing it there will be also a mac os version for mac osx users.


Amina Atar  (Artist)
Abdellah Alaoui Mdarhri(Programmer / Game Design/ LD) 

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Brainstormed Idea Originially by (Mehdi Dair and Amine Bekri) 


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