Moon Escape

On the pale lunar surface of apparent emptiness, there are hostle unidentifiable horror roaming, huntering for victims. You, the last surviving astronaut must explore the moon while maintaining oxygen amount, repair the broken moon bugger, and find the last functioning lunar lander to escape moon. The control is simple. You click/tap the ground to set a point for your astronaut to walk to. Your oxygen amount is timing, but you can refill it by touching the used lunar lander base. There are invisible monsters roaming around, so you need to pay attention on their footprint and try to keep distance from them. in our original idea, this game is supposed to be procedural generated, the explore range and objects distance is so extremely far that your footprint is the only thing to keep you not lost. However, as this is a quick game jam. We decided to preset the scene and decrease the game time, just to show the concept.
Jam year: 
MS Windows, Mac OS X, Android device, iPhone
Tools and Technologies: 
.Net, Unity (any product)
Game Stills: 
Game Tags: 
Third Person