Grit: Unbound Justice

In Grit, the player controls Marth Elanela, a private detective whom the police turn to when their jurisdiction prevents them from solving the most complicated cases. Marth is a veteran in the fight against crime and is not outspoken. When he receives a mission, he doesn't look for means to reach his end, which is usually to rescue someone. Even though he's old school, he does'nt act like a boomer and rejects new technologies, on the contrary, he makes use of them constantly, using his smartphone to find destinations, communicate with different characters, save clues and read internet manifests. When this is combined with his faithful Colt 1911, the result is profitable for funeral arrangers.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Game Concept: Simão Gonçalves and Diogo da Silva

Game Design and programming: Simão Gonçalves and Marcos Engelhard

Level Design: Diogo da Silva and David Magalhães

UI: Marcos Engelhard and Simão Gonçalves

Graphics/Game Art: Diogo da Silva, David Magalhães and José Santos

Sound: José Santos

Cutscenes: Jorge Tavares

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