The aim of this project was to gain experience in world building. Being my first Game Jam project, I decided to work alone rather than as a team. Whilst the game is not a full complete game, it has given me a lot of experience in an engine that I only started working with four months ago. The game is quite sparse in a lot of areas, but features three main "scenes" for the player to look at. Being a programmer, I used assets from the Unity Asset Store in order to develop this project. I limited myself to a small number of assets in order to develop a world that the player can explore freely. The original aim of this game was to build a walking simulator, where the player is "lost" on an unknown world and must "find" something to help them progress, whether that be escaping the world they have crash landed on or trying to find civilisation.
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On the safe side
MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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Unzip and run the .exe file

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