Gold Retriever

Plot Synopsis: AHOY! You are one of the famed pirate doggo Captains of old, The infamous GOLD RETRIEVER!! Launch your treasure GOLDEN DOG BONE onto the island to hide it from your rival, DREAD PIRATE RUFFERS!! Be the dog pirate that retrieves their GOLDEN BONE the fastest and win the title of GRANDEST DOGGO ON THE SEAS!!! Instructions: WASD to move your Doggo, use your Mouse to look around, and press Spacebar to Jump! One Pirate Player fires a Golden Dog Bone onto the island! The opposing Pirate Player searches the island for their Golden Bone Treasure! The ‘Retriever’ uses their Clue Picture, their Treasure Sniff (Right Click), and their wits to find the Golden Bone! Once the “Retriever” has found it, Pirate Players switch roles and play again! The Pirate Doggo with the highest score wins!!
Jam year: 
Double Take
Moving the goalposts
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Russ Cister - Artist, Champion of all Dogs Boaz Havron - Game Designer, Pun Crafter Shakeel "Rhyden" Khan - Programmer, Banjo Operator Bobby Mills - Game Designer, Pirate Dog Consultant Jake Shillan - Game Designer, Island Producer, On the Drums

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