Game Over and over

In Game Over and over you have to lose over and over again to reach the beginning of the game and bring back your princess' lost ring.
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Murphy's Law
MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
SFX and music made using midierror's Deluxe CHIPSHOP in Ableton Live 10 Lite. Illustrations made in Clip Studio. Pixel art made in Aseprite and the website Pixilart.
Installation Instructions: 

Decompress and execute


Concept and story: the whole team

Programming: Manuel Márquez González

Game Design: Adrián Iglesias Adrover and Manuel Márquez González

Level Design: Adrián Iglesias Adrover and Álvaro Rubianes Pérez-Uhía

Illustrations: Ales Fernández Cortizo

Characters and animations: Ales Fernández Cortizo

Tilesets: Ariadna Álvarez Torres

Decorations and objects: Ansur López Braña and Ariadna Álvarez Torres

Developer's portraits: Ariadna Álvarez Torres and Ales Fernández Cortizo

Sound and music: Jacobo Ulloa Vázquez

Dialogues: Ariadna Álvarez Torres

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