Fowl Seeker

In a small village, there lived a chicken with her three chicks. One day, they saw a falcon that flew majestically into the peak of the mountain. Three little chicks decide to follow that falcon to ask him how to fly. Few hours after their journey, suddenly black clouds cover the sky, they’re lost on that falcon track, so they choose to go home before dusk comes. On the way back home, a storm approaches them, because they panic, three little chicks accidentally split in that chaotic situation. Hen worried because her child didn’t come yet. She searches those three little chicks by following their footprints. But the rest of their footprints were vanished by the storm last night. That hen noticed that this area is an illegal wood factory, there are plenty of chainsaws installed in this area. Also, there are deep pits that are dug out by humans. Those hazards could kill them! The hen must save her child and guide them to home safely.
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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Extract and launch via executable


Bintang Fathur Rahman

Bintang Fathur Rahman
Alkautsar Mika G.

Ivan Lianto

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