Fortune's Gambit

Fortune's Gambit is a game that takes you to the spiritual realm where lost souls are stuck in Limbo. You will need to face up against the lord of this domain, Death himself, and gamble with your soul on the line in a game that will have the odds stacked against you. Try and beat Death at his own game in this ‘Tarot’ styled gamble and recapture your lost fate. How to play Take turns drawing Tarot cards from the center, but be aware, if you draw ‘Death’ then the game is over and you have lost your destiny to Limbo. Don't fret, the fates will help you by offering you their cards and allowing you to take control of your own destiny. Use their help and outwit Death at his own game. When the game starts you and Death will take cards from the center in order, these cards will be shrouded in mystery until taken, and once you have revealed their secrets, they can be used to alter your fate. Keep in mind that if you draw the ‘Death’ card you will lose, therefore keep a close eye on what your opponent is doing and use your hand of cards wisely to drive your own fate and find a way of cheating Death at his own game.
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Programming Juan Albert Martínez

Card Design Sandra Muñoz

2D art Jose Gallardo

Background art Rebecca Nix

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