Follow The Whispers

Follow The Whispers is a third-person puzzle spooky game. The player, Boody, is a little child who is terrified of darkness. He has an old flashlight in his possession that dies quickly and needs batteries often. Through exploring the surroundings (opening cupboards, doors, etc) he finds keys, some of which can be used to open doors. He starts by opening his room and exploring the surroundings, he notices that there are souls that roam the house but are easily repelled by the flashlight. However, if the batteries are out the souls spook Boody, and he can't help but scream for help. He recognizes that there is a housemistress who often checks the house to make sure that everything and everyone is in place; if she walks into Boody she will force him back into his room. She uses a big fire torch to see her surroundings despite the darkness. Boody must be very careful not to make a sound. He also realizes far away screams that belong to someone he knows. He decides to check every corner of the house and risk being noticed by the ghosts and housemistress to save whoever is screaming and leave the house. How to play: Use W, A, S, & D to move (left-right, forward-backward) Use left control to crouch. Hold left shift to run. Use the mouse to look around Press the LMB to open doors and cupboards. Press E to interacting with the surroundings. Press Z to toggle collectibles view.
Jam year: 
Spinal Tap
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Mega Fantasy Props Pack assets by karboosx
Dark Fantasy Kit [Lite] assets by Runemark Studio
Pirate Tavern assets by PollyPrivateers

Credits to: for providing the 3D models: Erissa (the house mistress), Amy (the little girl), Paladin (Armored ghost), & demon_t_wiezzorek (blue demon), and AJ(The player); as well as providing the animations: Idle, Walking, running, getting up, hit by car. for providing fonts: Another danger (in main menu), Doctor Glitch (Game title font), & NixieOne (credits scene).
: providing castle image used in main menu. white ghost model. user yatindra for the medival torch 3D model used by the mistress.

Furnished Cabin assets by Johnny Kasapi
Tim's Horror Assets - The Bloody Door assets by Tim H.

High Quality Bricks & Walls assets by Alessio Regalbuto
City Street Skyboxes Vol. 1 assets by MoodWare

Voice over Credits: Hana Tarek Fawzy, Abdullah Ahmed El Banna

Thanks to for battery model, 

Gunnar Correa, aneeqayounas, Blascool, 3Dee, Shadow Mine for amazing key models

Game developed by: Mostafa El-Haiani, Ahmed El-Zamarany, Zainab Sultan

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Third Person