This an online competitive multiplayer game were you and your friends are a druids looking for your Soul Wisp in the Lys Forest. The first druid to find the Wisp and get the soul back to his bonfire wins. Fireflies will guide you through the darkness of the forest. You will have pick and release them to create a trail of your path to find your way back to the bonfire. Use WASD on the keybord to move and pick up fireflies and press SPACEBAR to release them.
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

Just run the executable, choose a nickname and wait in the lobby for other players, the game will start automatically. 
Play with PC keyboard.


Tech Game Design: Giovanni Patruno

3D Artist/Animator:: Andrea Crivello

3D Artist/Animator: Alessandro Pastorino

Shader Programmer: Roberto Pesando

2D Artist/UI/Animator/SoundFX&Music: Andrea Tarricone

Programmer: Alessandro Mascherin

Programmer: Andrea Marchetti

Unity Programmer: Dario Facchini

Programmer: Andrea Peretti

Programmer/UI Programmer/SoundFX&Music: Lorenzo Valente


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Third Person