Finding El Dorado

In finding El Dorado you play as a hopelessly lost expedition looking for the famed City of Gold. It plays as a puzzle game where you must explore the map looking for a place to dig based on a part of a map you have found. Different tiles have different effects: M - Mountains offer a higher vantage points, ending your worker's movement here allows them to survey more tiles D - Deserts are treacherous and hard to cross. Crossing deserts with your workers will delay their return for a turn. R - Rivers are dangerous and can sweep up your workers. If you cross cross or end on a river tile with your worker, they will die and you don't gain any information about their path. F - Forests provide an opportunity to gather valueable resources. Ending a worker's movement on a forest tile allows you to gather lumber. B - When crossing a River tile while you have wood, you spend the wood to build a Bridge. Bridge tiles can be crossed without losing your workers. C - Chests are found across the map and provide your expedition with powerful items to help finding El Dorado. x - When digging in a spot, if you have not found El Dorado it will be marked by an X. Remember to play on Fullscreen!
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