Find em' Sheepers

Find your flock and bring them safely home! The game features a shepherd and his dog trying to gather and guide their rebellious and profoundly dumb herd back to their farm. One can only wonder whose idea it was to build a farm in the midst of such a hostile environment. Strong winds, frozen patches of land and molten lava might prove to not be very sheep-friendly. Oh did I mention the place is full of traps that will completely dismember anything that comes near them ? This task must be a farce. The time is ticking, the sheep are dying and you just woke up from your mid-day “siesta”. Final score is determined by the number of sheep rescued and brought safely back to the farm.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Chris Day - The Animator
Harrys Alisavakis - The VFX Wizard
Chris Kolinitatis - The Magnificant Coder
Spiros Koutsourelis - The illusionist
Sofia Mitsigola - The 3d Shape shifter
Ycaro Weschenfelder - The Flock Engineer 
Sotiris Gyftopoulos - The Shepherd

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