Escape from DimCo

The illuminating adventures of Lost and Found. Help Lost and Found escape from the DimCo's dimming facility while evading the DimCo sentries and seeking out the Neon-splattered shards of the facility key to free themselves from the clutches of DimCo. Help Lost and Found escape from the evil DimCo light dimming plant by evading the DimCo sentries to find the Neon key shards and free themselves from the clutches of DimCo. Controls : Lost - W,A,S & D Found - Arrow keys or L & R analogue sticks ( Lost - L, Found - R ) You must help Found guide Lost through the level, Lost must avoid the sentries while Found can absorb them. Navigate Lost and Found together collecting the key shards to unlock the neon padlock to escape the evil DimCo.
Jam year: 
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

The executable build is in the link (Game Website). Unzip the file and run the executable!


Forrest Pando (@forrestpando) ------- Lighting Artist / Co-Producer

Jordan Cordina (@jordancordina) ---- Level Designer / Co-Producer

Animesh Sharma (@Jeff_Allen96) ---- Programmer

James Mushahwar ------------------- Programmer

Thomas Crowe (@LoveFromTom) ---- Composer

Charlotte Wilkinson (@Ayperosia) ---- 2D Art & Animation, Character & Prop Design

Marianne Pritchard (@MariannePritch7) ---- 3D Art, Environment & Prop Artist

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