Dust 'till Gone

Dust 'till Gone is a 2D Platformer. You play as a lost soul, transitioned into an unknown world, a world between the real life and the after life. In search of guidance, collect butterflies who roam the mysterious land to reveal fragments of memories and thoughts of the soul, using your Glide and Hook mechanics.
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The Feels - (Sponsored by Sony Interactive Entertainment)
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

Just press the .exe file

Arrow keys for movement

Space for jumping

Space while mid-air for gliding

Shift for hooking


Amir Aharoni - Game Design & Production

Bar Ronen - Game Design & Production

Nadav Litver - Lead developer

Sagiv Kanyon - Lead art

Anita Hais - Art & Game Design

Michal Royzen - Art

Alla Makrov - Developer

Alon Kaplan - Sound Designer

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