Dungeon of Des-pair

A memory game that mixes card matching with an RPG. Make your way through the dungeon trying to stay alive and gather as much treasure as possible! Our game is fragile! Quite a few known bugs, so beware! KNOW BUG: Crashes if you pair to chests in the first level. Card Descriptions: Stairs - Matching the 2 Stairs cards together advances you to the next level. Empty- Pair 2 matching Empty cards together to remove them from the level. Torches - When you flip a torch, if there are any face up monsters, all face up monsters will be set face down. Afterwards, that torch will be extinguished and cannot be used in this way again. If there are not any face up monsters when you flip a torch, the torch will remain lit. Chests - Pair 2 matching chests to collect the treasure held inside them. Potion - Pair 2 matching potions to heal. Traps - If you flip a trap you take 1 damage. Then both the trap and the other card you flipped will swap positions with 2 other face down cards. Monsters - These cards do not return to the face down position after you flip them. If you flip a monster you take 1 damage for each face up monster.
Jam year: 
Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Made by:
Aidan Murray
Jack Chateau-Loney
Barney Smith
Thomas Crowe

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