Drop Card

A turn based multiplayer desktop game. Requirements: All numbered cards with the Jokers. Put away “King”, “Queen” and “Jack” cards, you must put them away because we do not use them. The number of players required to run is at least 2. Rules and how to play the game: 1. First each player must take turns choosing a card from among the cards (these 2 cards are “lost cards” and the main goal is to find these cards and the “lost card” that is found faster, owner of that card will win. Even if the opponent finds another player's card.) 2. Then we put the missing cards in the card category and shuffle the cards. 3. We place the cards together on the floor without seeing their information. 4. Each player can have 2 moves. 5. The first player picks up the above card and must play according to the following rules: A: If the selected card is one of the “lost cards”, then the owner of the “lost card” will win. Even if the “lost card” belongs to the opponent, the owner of the “lost card” still wins. But if the selected card is not one of the “lost cards”, then the game continues as follows. َ B: If the card selected by the first player has a number, then the first player moves down to the number of that card without looking at the other cards and picks up the next card and looks, and if this card is one of the “lost cards”The owner of “lost card” will win, like "Step A". But if this card is not a "lost card", we will place both cards outside the card category. These 2 cards are considered burnt and will not be used again. Tip # 1: Each player can move 2 times at each turn, according to the above rules. Tip # 2: If the "Joker" card is selected. The player can randomly select 2 cards from anywhere. It does not matter if the card is higher than the selected card or the first card in the category Or the last card in the category. But he does not move anymore, and it is the turn of another player. Tip # 3: The Joker cards are not burned, and that can be returned to the game, and all cards should reshuffle. Tip # 4: Each player can move up and select their next card when the number of cards above the selected card is greater than or equal to the number on the selected card. Of course, all the rules mentioned still apply. Tip # 5: If the number on the card is greater than the number of cards left in the deck, then that card is also considered burnt. C: After the first player has made his moves, it is the turn of the second player. And the second player must start from the highest card, and if he chooses one of the “lost cards”, then we act according to step "A". But if he chooses a numbered card, he starts moving down, and the game continues according to the above rules.
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