Dogs Day Out!

INTRO: You are Buddy, lost in a city all alone. The good thing is you have the right “equipment” for the job. Your nose, like the good boy that you are. You can track down your owner and get home in time for some biscuits! Then again what is the delicious smell…. Staying focused on the scent of your owner won’t be easy.. I’m pretty sure you are getting hungry, was that chicken you just smelled? Or better yet a bone? WAIT! a cat? GAMEPLAY: Follow the scent paths: The owner(Blue) - You gotta find your owner, they would be lost without you! When the owner stops for a small time, they leave a scent, tracking to that scent and look round to find your owner. Food(green) - Chicken smells soooo good, plus you gotta eat right? Over time you'll get hungry and all you can focus on is finding some chicken. Bone(Yellow) - mmmm bone.. nothing else matters but the bone... gotta find it. Ok, I know exactly I can hide this for later! When you find a bone, you MUST find it! When you do you need to go bury it. Cat(Red) - BARK BARK GRRRRRR! Chase the Cat! Dangers: Cars - don't get hit. Controls: W - Forwards S - Backwards A - Left D - Right Space - Sprint (Burns extra energy) B - Bury Bone (at hiding spot) Esc - Exits game
Jam year: 
The Feels - (Sponsored by Sony Interactive Entertainment)
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)

Team Lead, Design & 3D  - Christopher Fotheringham
3D Artist & Audio- Grzegorz Cebera
Programer - Oliver Hazell
3D Artist & Design - Ryan
Animation & Programer - shammi seth

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