The year is 2222. The Federation of United Colonies, after many years of space travel, has found the ruins of an ancient civilization and acquired a relic that would change the course of history: a weapon that can not be wielded by mere mortals. After various prototypes, scientists were able to forge the ultimate machine, capable of handling the immense power of the relic: PROJECT D15K. Despite the best efforts of the government and intelligence to keep this discovery a secret from the general public, a terrorist group known as Bringers Of Balance have come to know of the artifact and have dispatched agents to try to find it and retrieve it. The government thought this was the perfect opportunity to test out its latest weapon. You play as D15K, on a mission to eradicate all the B.O.B. terrorists from the area. Leave no survivors. Controls: W - move forward A - strafe left S - move backwards D - strafe right Mouse 1 - Shoot your ultimate weapon Shift - Dash (watch out for the cooldowns!) E - Slow down time (yes you can!) P.S. I'm we are not programmers and we are sorry that the build is so heavy for no reason at all. Hope you have fun!
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Are we ASCIIng too much?
On the safe side
MS Windows
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Unreal Engine
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Download the game from this link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1haLy69eUug8qj89iqdlX5GBLYUftZug3/view?u...

1. Extract the contents of the archive

2. Open the archive

3. Double click on diskofdeath.exe


Programming and suffering: Tommaso '@greenest_dude' Verde

Audio and jam(s): Gianmarco '@Viosnomicon' Rinaldi

Special thanks to Alessio Sicoli and Leonardo Assom!

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