Deep Space Adventure

Rescue a lost exotic pet from a damaged spaceship infested with strange beasts. Get treasure on the way. A two or three player push-your-luck digital boardgame. prototype ready now, Unity WebGL version coming any minute.
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Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
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Prototyped with
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Inside the .zip is a file called DeepSpaceAdventure.pcio

This file contains everything you need to play the game.  Head to and create a custom room.  Click on the 'edit table' button, click on 'room options' and you'll see the option to import a room from a file. Just navigate to your downloaded .pcio file and that's it.  Click 'edit table' once more to return to play mode.

We made a short video showing you how to load the game here:


Art bible here:






Additional art (the fox!) by Kris

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