A Day in Akropolis: The Great Search

You're an employee of Akropolis supermarket. Today there seem to be lots of lost items lying all over the place. Your manager Gregory is mad so you better pick up as many as you can and put them in the lost&found box. But there is a problem - the items have little legs and they're trying to run away from you. Also, the mall is full of customer who are looking for you so they could ask about the products, but you don't have that much time right now, so you better dodge them. Watch out for Karens who are desperate to speak to the manager! That'll cost you a lot of time! TUTORIAL Move around using arrow keys or WASD Pick items up by walking over them Throw items (at customers) using [SPACE] or left mouse button If a customer gets too close to you you will lose 30 seconds from your time If a Karen starts talking to you, you lose immediately You can only carry 3 items at a time, you must bring them to lost&found box Leave the items in the box by touching it Have fun!
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MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix, Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
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Godot Engine
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Third Person