The Curse of the Whispering Isle

The Curse of the Whispering Isle is a fully cooperative and narrative board game where players seek to free Captain Jake Seagull from the curse that has split his spirit from his body and reclaim his lost treasure. One player plays as Captain Jake Seagull: a spirit who cannot talk directly to the players and instead send players hints and clues on how to progress by sending them abstract imagery and puzzles. Players must be careful investigating the island for more clues, though, as there are traps that can harm them and animated skeletons of Captain Jake's old crew that can impart their curse upon the players!
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Non-digital game (board game, card game, physical game, sport, etc.)
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This game was playtested within TableTop Simulator, but it's just a board game, so no technology is actually needed to play it.
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If you have TableTop Simulator you can play the game here:


Created, written, and playtested by David Bagwell & Tyler Grubb.

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