You sit in your small office cubicle at your boring and underpaid job at your lousy game company and chew on your bitter apple. A day like every other in the past 12 years. Your attention raises when suddenly a panicked scream interrupts your favorite radio show ... "SAVE YOURSELF. ESCAPE! aargh" Aargh? Before you think further about whether to toss your apple in the trash, you realize an aura of light and warmth around you. You feel so weightless and happy and actually ... yes, your legs leave the floor. You're floating ... No, actually you are the first and only unfortunate victim of a tractor beam from what becomes known in human history as "The First Martian Invasion". You can tell your future children about the rest of your day later. Hopefully you can make your way out of the cruel labyrinth they have built for you little laboratory rat. You are lost… Now find your way out! Martians can be so sadistic …
Jam year: 
Double Take
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

1. Extract the file

2. Run CubIt.exe

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