Crater its a Metroidvania, Action and Plataform Game, whose main inspiration is precisely Super Metroid mixed with Fallout After the fall of a meteor that devastated almost the entire planet, what remains of humanity is isolated in small communities around the huge craters created by the impact, from the fragments of the meteor came a new type of mineral called "Crimson Crystal" that is capable of generating a large amount of energy, this material becomes very valuable to humanity and much of the technology is based on this mineral. With this new resource also came a new threat that has spread throughout all the craters of the earth, creatures called "Smokers" that emerge from the fragments and are attracted to the crimson crystals, this forces humanity to develop mechanical suits powered by this mineral that helps them explore the craters and deal with these creatures.
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MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

Open the .exe and Enjoy!! 


Art - Luis Pineda

Music - Eddy Pasos

Programming - Andres Gonzalez

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Side Scroller
Third Person