CosmoFlora is a single player puzzle game of combinatorial reasoning in space for PC. You play a galaxy travelling robot (the same robot you helped fix in our GGJ game of 2020) who, in not-so-far-future reaches planet earth to find earth is completely lost. The planet was environmentally destroyed. humans, all all other forms of life are gone, nothing but barren rock and grey land rem... no wait! one single tree is still alive! Immediately, you decide to take the tree with you back yo your own home planet. Alas, the tree does not fit the genetic composition of is soon-to-be new home. No worries, you will take the tree on a journey through space, and by visiting other life filled planets, slowly but surely, alter its shape and composition until it will fit.
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Moving the goalposts
Tu B'Shvat has arrived!
MS Windows, Mac OS X, Linux / Unix, Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
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Construct2, Unity (any product)

Mor Levy - art lead, game design
Gilli Levy - art, game desgin
Itai Fichman - Dev lead, programing
Lior Oved - dev, programing

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