Check in the Back

Check in the back is a visual novel where you help convention patrons find their lost belongings. As the unlucky 20-something manning the lost-and-found office of a large fan convention, help a handful of quirky characters find their stuff! If you can supply friendly conversation and quick service, maybe you'll get hired permanently!
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Games are for Everyone
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
Audio: Wwise, Cubase, Reaper Dialogue system: Fungus
Installation Instructions: 

Download the game on the page.


Benjamin Williams (@kotayabsw): Producer and Writer
Dan Whittam (@FroggyWithFriez): 2D Artist
Dipo Master (@DipoMaster): Programmer and Designer
Gina Loughlin (@GinaLoughlin): Composer
Will Biggs (@willbiggsaudio): Sound Designer

Tom Needham (@BigDetch): UI Artist
Taryn Whittam (@ThePeppersGhost): Background Artist

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Point & Click