Centurion Rex

This is a strategy that we tried to do in a funny post-apocalyptic style. Intro In the year 2069 during WW3 humanity nuked itself to ashes. Only few remnants of the once-massive earth population were left. While at first, it seemed that finally after this massive exodus some peace would be made, however, the reality was anything but. The survivors went completely mad and, despite the near-destruction of humankind, continued to search for new ways how to destroy the others. The first to find such a solution were descendants of the Romans. Having tasted the power of empire before now they seek to return to the ultimate glory. By using the power of gene engineering they cloned the earths previous rulers - dinosaurs, thus a new coalition on empire was born. Roman Raptor Republic (try saying this fast three times). Now twice as bloodthirsty they seek to destroy anything that will come their way. The main goal of the game is to gather resources, build your army and defeat the opposing faction. There are several buildings in the game. 1. Main base - pantheon. This is the “Capital” of all your buildings while currently it servers no practical purpose, it is the main building of senate and thus needs to be protected at all costs. Destruction of this building eliminates the corresponding faction from the game. 2. Barracks - as the name might suggest this is the place where the main body of the factions military will be trained. The speed of the training depends on the complexity and strength of the unit. 3. Resource posts - vineyard. No army comes free of charge and while money became obsolete in this dystopian society, the joys of alcoholic beverages has followed humanity through millenniums. The cost to train unit also varies from unit to unit - the more powerful and complex is the unit, the more vine is needed (after all t-rex has quite the thirst). Currently there are three types of units in the game. 1. Legionnaires - these battle hardened brutes made the core of the Roman empire army hundreds of years ago, and you don’t fix what’s not broken. 2. T-Rex rider - 50% T-Rex 50% Human - 100% awesome. These riders are equipped with uzis (don’t ask just go with it) for maximum efficiency. Ugh it gives me goosebumps to even write about this. 3. Lizard trident thrower… guy - These guys are equipped with never ending supply of tridents. And believe me when I say that you don’t want to see one flying in your direction.
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