Brews Clues

Brews Clues is an short puzzle game with beautiful pixel art and a fantastic story. Charley's grandma is sick and needs a potion to get better. Charley goes to the Wizard to get the potion grandma needs. You can move Charley with A and D. To jump use SPACE or W. To pick items up you can click on them. To drop items click on them in the menu. To advance dialog press E. In the Wizard tower the Wizard says they doesn't know what the recipe is and that they lost the ingredients in the tower. You go around and look for the recipe and the ingredients. When Charley finds the right ingredients they can drop them in the cauldron. When the right ingredients are mixed Charley gets the potion for grandma, if the wrong ingredients are mixed the cauldron will drop them. The goal is to bring the potion to grandma.
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Games are for Everyone
MS Windows, Linux / Unix, Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
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.Net, Unity (any product)


  • Amber Voskamp
  • Bas van der Meijden
  • Bas Rietkerk
  • Suman Chatterpal
  • Tim de Vos
  • Wessel Bakker

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Point & Click
Side Scroller
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