Brave - A Father's Story

A solo hybrid card game that narrates the story of a loving father who tries to save his daughters from the clutches of her vile abductors. Set in the Byzantine era, the player takes the role of the blind veteran officer Hypatius. Carrying his precious shield and trusting his keen hearing, the warrior astride his horse, will brave all dangers and seek to track down his daughter before time runs out. A game that focuses solely on your sense of hearing! Will you manage to discern the sounds that come from your surroundings and be on time to save your daughter? As the game has been designed to utilize the player's hearing and features all card wording in the braille alphabet, "Brave - A Father's Tale" is totally playable and enjoyable by blind people as well.
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Spinal Tap
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Unity (any product)

Game Design: Babis Giannios

Sound FX: Nikos Lamprou

Music: Chris Fotopoulos

Software Development: Stylianos Thomaidis

Graphic Design and Art: Dimitris Charokopos

Braille Translation: Antigoni Skoumpourdi

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