Maryanne and Danylo are taking a sensual bath in the pond just outside the city. An asshole steals their clothes: will our heroes be able to not end up with their buttocks on all the social profiles of the city?
Jam year: 
Destination: Happy Place - (Sponsored by Unity)
Virtual Wallet (Sponsored by IGDA Foundation)
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Technology Notes: 
We used also: .Hydrogen .FMOD .Gimp .Adobe Photoshop .Adobe Illustrator .Adobe Premiere .Tons of pencil

N3 Hack For Business | Staff

Andrea Novati - Game Design & Lead Programmer
Giosuè Cremonesi - Game Design & Art Direction
Manuele Suzzani - Programmer
Desirè Di Blasi - Content Creations & Voices
Juan Di Crescenzo - Designer Artist
Stefano Casali - Programmer
Thanx to: 

  • ESA for free 3D of Philae (
  • Track Tribe for the Title track song "Island Wave" 
  • Danylo and Maryanne for posing naked



For us, this Global Game Jam was very important. Last year, shortly after the 2020 edition, we experienced the first total closure for the pandemic on our skin. The headquarters of N3 are in fact in Codogno, the small city in Northern Italy that was heavily injured by Covid-19.

The donations that we have integrated in Bootiescape will be entirely donated to charity to the Codogno Hospital and to all the associations that have made the drama... a little lighter. We thank them and will always thank them.

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Third Person