Binary Defender

A scientist laboratory research focuses on finding viruses, diseases, and mutations. Her research got the attention of a group of hackers who tried to hack the main computer to obtain all the information of her research to sell it to a group of terrorists, which resulted in the activation of her laboratory security system. Using all of her cybersecurity knowledge, the scientist designed a system to protect the main computer, which blocks the computer and denies access to all who don’t have the password to unlock it. Sadly, she lost the notebook where she wrote the password required to skip the system security block, and now she has to face the group of hackers to find the password before them.
Jam year: 
It’s You + Me, Kid - (Sponsored by Carina Fund)
The Possibilities are Endless - (Sponsored by Endless)
Games are for Everyone
Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Tools and Technologies: 
.Net, Unity (any product)

I developed this game alone. I had a very similar idea before as I made something like this as part of a coursework of CalArts Game Design Specialization and I thought that it would fit perfect for this year GGJ theme n.n I hope that you enjoy it if you play it :3


The font used in the game is Free Pixel Font - Thaleah by Tiny Worlds (

I composed the music.

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