---This game is unfinished and is currently a lil walking sim :)--- Your family trip to the beach is cut short when you realise you’ve lost your pricey watch somewhere along the shore. Despite your family’s protests, you’ve left them behind to sift through the sands in search of it. But your watch isn’t all that’s hidden in this cove. Uncover various different personal treasures along the way, each with their own history. Take a moment to appreciate the crashing waves and crying gulls. Perhaps you will begin to ask yourself how important that watch really is. ---Press Tab for menu ---
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Destination: Happy Place - (Sponsored by Unity)
MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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Also used Blender, Maya, Photoshop, Substance, Fmod, Z Brush and Microsoft Visual Studio.


Cassy Cornish
    Design & 3D Art
Lenny Chilcott
    3D art
Oliver Gisborne
    3D art
Michael Carney
    Programming & UI
Jacob Shorte
Nyah Payne
Miranda Bennett Margrave
    User Experience and Design
Thomas Neill
Lawrie Gunning


"Seagull on beach" by squashy55 on
    Available at:
"Water wave Beach Field-recording" by svaegzari on
    Available at:

--2D Art--

Sea Glass image from (not actually a png though :( )
    Available at:
"Old Parchment Paper" by cron on
    Available at

--3D Art--
"Eric Rigged 001 3D" by Renderpeople on
    Available at:



UI Controller package by Paul Hedley

--Water Shader--

"Water Effects Fits For Lowpoly Style" by Pure evil studio on the Unity Asset Store.
    Available at:

    All from and available under the Open Font License

"Indie Flower" by Kimberly Geswein.
    Available at:
"Pacifico" by Vernon Adams, Jacques Le Bailly, Botjo Nikoltchev and Ani Petrova.
    Available at:
"Dancing Script" by Impallari Type.
    Available at:
"Permanent Marker" by Font Diner.
    Available at:
"Domine" by Impallari Type.
    Available at:


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