Shiba Battle

This is a local multiplayer combat game where the shiba dogs will fight to get the most number of bones before time runs out. Puppies can go through the level digging where they see a flag that indicates it. The dogs could find different power ups that will give you an advantage to collect more bones, but be careful you could also find traps. Player 1 controls: AWSD: movement X key: dig Space key: jump Player 2 controls: Arrows key: movement Numpad 2 key: dig, Space key: jump
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MS Windows
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Unity (any product)
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Download, run executable and enjoy the game :D


Christian Aguilar (developer and game design)
Diego Bravo (developer and game design)
Enzo Neyra (producer and game design)
Kevin Max (art and game design)
Luis Llacza (art and game design)

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