The use of the name "St. Bernard" is reasonably recent for this Swiss mountain dog. For many centuries, they were called "Barry dogs", after a famous rescue dog of the breed.
Jam year: 
On the safe side
MS Windows
Tools and Technologies: 
Unreal Engine
Installation Instructions: 

This game was a solo-developer effort; it's quite short as a result.

Play with Keyboard and Mouse, or a Gamepad.

Jump: Space / A
Movement: WSAD / Left Thumbstick
Bark: F / B
Camera: Mouse / Right Thumbstick

Make it across the river, enjoy and explore the environment. Make trails in the snow.

All content of the game made by myself unless marked otherwise:
Trees, wood texture: made by myself, but not during the 48 hours of the game jam. Recycled from a previous project.

Stone/Cliff, Ice textures: Substance Source

Audio from
Logos from

The music is procedurally generated; will play infinitely. It may before samey over time, but it will never be exactly the same tune twice.


RNG: Music is randomised. Path across river relies on physics.

On the Safe Side: Made on my own.


Thanks for playing!


Chris Ferguson

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