AUS Internet Simulator

Ever have difficulties connecting to the internet when you need to send that one important work email while you’re out and about? Well try living in Australia. This completely accurate, fully automated, Australian internet simulator will get you understanding what it’s like when you are grabbing a coffee but Derick forgot what the meeting time was and he needs to know ASAP.
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Android device
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

Run .apk on Android Phone.

How to Play:
0. Press the Play button to start the game
1. Open emails by tapping on one
2. Read the email and select 1 of 3 responses at the bottom of the screen
3. It will start "Uploading" your email. You need to wave your phone like you're trying to get a signal to get a Wi-Fi signal shown by icon at the top right
4. Stay on top of your emails and pump up that KPI


Daniel Tan - Programmer

Tom Knowles - Programmer

Xander Townsend - Art

Daniel Sumpton - Writing



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