The Andronaut

The Cosmoship Venture discovers an android floating around in a space-rock field. That android called Andrine can be repaired, but her rapid memory access is still disabled. You are captain Jon Sordal and try to figure out what happened to the android, by asking her questions and querying her with keywords from what she says.
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The Feels - (Sponsored by Sony Interactive Entertainment)
Destination: Happy Place - (Sponsored by Unity)
On the safe side
Web standard (HTML5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Technology Notes: 
Inky for interactive story scripting, Clip Studio Paint for illustration
Installation Instructions: 


Go to web_build/The Andronaut

Run a local http-server from than location

Open one of the designated IP addresses in a web browser.

You should play the game in fullscreen mode in the mode. You normally enter that mode by pressing F11.


Story design: Targeir Attestog

Illustration: Njål

Music: Joey Nathaniel (GGJ site of Spillmakerlauget Midt)

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Point & Click