AirPods Simulator

Oh... again? Damn! I lost my AirPods again!! Well, my AirPods..., is that so today, too? Okay, okay..., you want to play our routine game, again? You know, I can easily find you since I can make sounds from you by using my smart phone. These days, I have been winning this game. It is the same today, too. Are you ready? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yeah! Serves you right! I did it again! I left him behind. I never return back to his pocket again. Today is not the same as usual. Hehehe..., yesterday, I had a controller to make sounds from his audio systems. This time, I'll use to confuse him with these loudly noise. Today will be the day for me to finally win this game! Yes, I'm free, free, free, yeeeeeeeah!!!
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MS Windows, Mac OS X
Tools and Technologies: 
Unity (any product)
Installation Instructions: 

Unzip the release folder in Executable below and select Windows or Mac folder according to your operating system.

Unzip and click the executable file.

This is an online game. So you need to play with at least one more friends.


kondo ryutaro: 2D Artist

Takuya Kishikawa1: 3D Artist

zfsilverfox: Sound Programmer

中嶋優: Main Programmer (Human and Maps)

ずゑ: Main Programmer (AirPods)

GanGanKamen: Network Programmer

arlez80: Sound Artist

Kosuke Kaneko: Manager

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