Pacific Science Center + AIE + Seattle Indies = Global Game Jam 2020

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Open for entire 48 hours
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The Schedule

Here are the important milestones throughout the weekend of Global Game Jam, January 31st to February 2nd.

Friday 5pm-ish / Signing In: To sign-in on Friday, you will enter through the Pacific Science Center loading dock located on 2nd Ave and John St. You will walk through a short hall to the boardroom, where you will receive your badge. This badge will permit you entry into Pacific Science Center all weekend!

Friday 6pm / Kicking Off: To start the jam, we'll be having our kickoff at 6pm, in the IMAX theater!! Don't be late! We'll review the jam logistics, and announce the very secret jam theme!!

Friday 7pm / Brainstorm Ideas and Form Teams: After hearing the very secret jam theme, we'll all hang around and figure out what we want to work on. Take your time to vibe on the theme, brainstorm different ideas, and meet different folks. We'll be hosting an open-mic pitch session around this time.

Saturday 8pm / Playtest your Game: Halfway through the jam, we'll be hosting a playtest session with other jammers. Use this as a milestone! If your game is buggy and unfinished, we'll still totally play it!

Sunday 5pm / Uploading your Game: Just before the end of the jam, you'll need to upload your game artifacts to These artifacts include: 1) a playable build of your game, 2) a youtube video of your game, 3) some screenshots of your game, and 4) a picture of your team.

Sunday 6pm / Presenting your Game: At the end of the jam, we'll be sharing our work at the final presentations! You’ll have 4 minutes to demo your game. If you take longer than 4 minutes, Andrew will kick you off the stage. Feel free to invite folks to the Pacific Science Center to see the presentations!

Night Hours / Midnight+: We will have 24 hour access to the Pacific Science Center, so you night owls can chill at the jam space as late as you want! But because the space is still a cool public science museum during the day hours, be careful to not make a mess during the night hours.

Full Schedule:

  • Friday, November 8th
    • 5:00pm / Doors open. Sign-in & Set-up!
    • 6:00pm / Kickoff Presentations.
    • 7:30pm / Brainstorm Idea & Form Teams.
    • oooooo / Make your Game!! Let's jam!
    • oooooo / Get some Sleep.
  • Saturday, November 9th
    • 10:00am / Breakfast & Coffee.
    • oooooo / Make your Game!!
    • 8:00pm / Playtest your Game!
    • oooooo / Get some Sleep.
  • Sunday, November 10th
    • 10:00am / Breakfast & Coffee.
    • oooooo / Make your Game!!
    • 5:00pm / Upload your Game.
    • 6:00pm / Final Presentations.
    • 8:00pm / Clean-up & Load-Out. Doors close.


The Venue

We will be jamming at the Pacific Science Museum, in both Building 4 and Building 2. Both spaces will have access to organizers and equipment.

Parking: Pacific Science Center does not provide any type of parking voucher. We recommend using mass transit or carpooling with friends as the cost of parking around the Seattle Center can be prohibitive. The recommended parking location is at the 1st Ave N Garage. Be sure to verify the rates before parking:

Hygiene: We ask you to keep up good hygiene during the weekend, using deodorant and brushing your teeth. We will provide various personal care items for jammers to use available at the volunteer desks, so please take and use as much as you need. We do not have any showering facilities, so either go home and wash, or look for a local option like the 24-Hour Fitness (located at 229 Queen Anne Avenue North, Seattle, WA 98109, but only for members)

Food and Beverages: On Saturday and Sunday, you will have coffee and breakfast pastries in the morning. For other meals, you can scrounge around the local stores and restaurants like the Seattle Center Armory.

Equipment and Materials Provided: We will have internet and power for everyone, and a box of miscellaneous cords if you forget something. But you'll need to bring your own workstation, with your computer, cables, monitors, etc. Please consider pre-downloading heavy files like game engines or asset packs, so we don't slow down the internet too much. If you are making a card/board/non-digital game, be sure to bring whatever you think you might need to craft, like paper, scissors, tape, markers, etc.



Code of Conduct: We are an inclusive and welcoming community for everyone. By attending our events, you agree to follow the Seattle Indies Code of Conduct and Notice of Filming and Photography.

Liability: Don’t break anything and we’ll have no issues. We are not responsible for you or your possessions. Please use the buddy system if you are fearful of theft. The patrons of Pacific Science Center will be exploring the area during normal business hours. We have had no issues yet, but we also cannot assume any liability.

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Access to food in close vicinity. Drinks and snacks provided on site.
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Ethernet, switches, extension cables.
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18+ only

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