Northumbria University Game's #GGJ2020

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Open for entire 48 hours
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Global Game Jam® is a 48 hour hackathon taking place at multiple locations around the world. The event is for everyone interested in games development, be it programming, design, narrative exploration or artistic expression. Global Game Jam encourages people with all kinds of backgrounds to participate and contribute to this global spread of game development and creativity.

The "Jam" in Global Game Jam is a reference to musician jam sessions. The goal is to come together and make a videogame, or non-digital game like a board game or card game. Participants rapidly prototype game designs and hopefully inject new ideas to help grow the game industry. Participants are asked to create a game from beginning to end in a maximum of 48 hours. The brief time span is meant to help encourage creative thinking to result in small but innovative and experimental games.

Start time: Friday 31 Jan 2020, 4:00pm at CIS001

Kick-off time: Friday 31 Jan 2020, 5:00pm at CIS003 (briefing video from GGJ and announcing the topic)

Refreshments will be provided!

24-hr access for the CIS003 for the whole event (5pm 31 Jan to 5pm 2 Feb) – non-CIS and non-NU jammers will need to contact the security to get a guest smartcard. Please contact us for more details

Distance Jam with GGJ Hong Kong (HK) [optional] – all UK-HK teams will enter the competition automatically and chances to win big prizes and awards! Note that the GGJ HK start 5hr earlier than GGJ UK, you will probably need to start earlier and work with the HK team members. To facilitate UK-HK team formation before the event starts, an informal Whatsapp chat group is created – contact ([email protected]) if you want to join the group

Food Options: 
Access to food in close vicinity. Drinks and snacks provided on site.
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Lab computers available to Northumbria students. Wi-Fi, power, screens available to visitors.
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18+ only

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There will be pizza!
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