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Food & Drinks:

We will be sponsoring 1 lunch on Saturday and 1 lunch on Sunday, there are supermarkets nearby and we have some capacity in fridges and a microwave. Coffee, tea, water, club mate and other drinks are all free.


The site opens at Friday the January 31th at 6:15 pm (official start is 5pm). We can't open earlier because people will still be working at that time. There will be a security guard around for the whole time, so the site will be open for the whole 48h.
The games need to be finished and uploaded till Sunday 02.02 at 5pm, after you can present your game to the other participants if you want to. You can take a nap on one of our couches, but we dont provide sleeping accommodation.

Further information will be provided by email, hope to see you soon!  :)

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18+ only
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