Global Game Jam Honolulu

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Important Note:

This is not a 24 hr jam site. In past years we have noticed the teams that rested were more productive, so we ended 24 hour site availability. Please plan accordingly.


On-site parking on lot C - $7.00 for all-day parking Friday after 4:00 pm and on weekends, even if you leave and return.

See UH Manoa visitor parking website for more details.


Lunch and dinner will be provided on-site on Saturday.

There are vending machines nearby, some food within reasonable walking distance, and numerous food options within a short drive.

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Age Restrictions: 
None. However, anyone under 18 must be accompanied by a legal guardian at all times while attending the jam.
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An Octco-woman is repairing someone's house appliances. 4 mistakes and you're dead :)
A game inspired by the famous ragdoll game QWOP where you control an arm instead of legs.
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