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Situated on a hill overlooking one of the deepest lakes in Switzerland, with a spectacular view, the first Global Game Jam in Obstalden!

Who can join and how?
This location is limited to the first thirty participants that register, you can register directly on this site.
You should be interested in creating games, and would ideally have some experience in one of the discplines prior to joining.
We welcome any kind of experimental games or boardgames as well.
If you are new to game development we will be doing a short introductory session to game development in Unity on Friday after the Keynote, depending on the amount of newcomers we can extend the session to Saturday as well.

How can jammers communicate online?
There is a Discord server that jammers can join to talk with each other before and during the jam and ask any open questions regarding the organization.

What does it cost?
Entry to the event is free and we will sponsor some small snacks.

Where is it?
It's in the hall of the restaurant and hotel "Sternen" with more than enough room to spare for a few jammers.
The bus stop directly in front of the restaurant is called: Obstalden Post

When does the jam begin/end?
Check-in starts at 16:30 on the Friday, official kick-off with keynote is 17:00.
The jam ends on Sunday around 16:30.

What should you bring?
Please bring any hardware and tools you are going to use, and make sure you install big software packages before the event!
We won't provide any computers or hardware except for internet and electricity.
Also, a toothbrush and sleeping bag in case you want to stay overnight.
If you like to stay focused and not be disturbed, do not forget to take headphones and earplugs.

Where can I eat?
You can eat in the restaurant and there is a shop that is open on Friday and Saturday. You may bring food and eat it in the hall.

Will this jam be documented?
Yes we will probably be taking some pictures.
With your participation, you agree that photos and films on which you are depicted can be published.

I don't speak German. Can I still come?
Of course, we welcome anybody who is interested!

Can I stop by and watch?
Of course! You may come and have a look even if you are not registered. If you want to join for a longer period, please register in advance though.


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Gemeinde Glarus Nord

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Access to coffee/beverages and food in close vicinity.
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Power Strips, Internet
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