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The 11th edition of Global Game Jam Antwerp is coming up. Be ready to team up, unleash your creativity and make the most amazing game you and your teammates possibly can!

Each edition there will be a secret theme that will be revealed at the start of the event. We will provide you with a location, food and a separate sleeping area so you can work your magic during these intense 48 hours.

Even if you have never developed a game you can still participate at this event. We welcome all people with all kinds of skills. If you’re a musician, developer, writer, artist … don’t hesitate and join!


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18+ only
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6 DAE students participating in the Global Game Jam in Antwerp. The game is a party game supposed to be played with 2 players (2 controllers) It's a Space game, the goal is to bump the astero
You are skeleton, you fight , you heal. That's it.
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