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**UPDATE 1/31**

This year, HOFT Institute & The University of Texas at Austin will both be providing their locations for the Austin Global Game Jam.


This year the HOFT Institute & The University of Texas at Austin will both be providing their locations for the Austin Global Game Jam.

OPENING KICKOFF will be held at the Flawn Academic Center (FAC) [2304 WHITIS AVE] in Room 21 promptly at 5pm (doors open at 4pm).

Students of the University of Texas AND any other participants are welcome to join up on campus at the Gates Dell Complex (GDC) [2317 SPEEDWAY] to make use of some of the facilities and resources there.

HOFT Institute [2400 Pearl St.] will be available for those who'd prefer to stay off-campus as well as for those jamming late into the night.


There is some parking available at HOFT, and street parking nearby (note any posted metered parking signs). Since there are limited spots on the property, please do not park at HOFT if you will be jamming on campus. HOFT Parking should be reserved for jammers present at the facilities.

HOFT Institute has the right to tow any vehicles illegally parked. Please check with HOFT staff or a on-site organizer if you had any questions related to the parking situation.

University of Texas parking is dependent on the guidelines and policies for parking on campus. Please follow any campus regulations or rules regarding where you can park your vehicle.


Both UT & HOFT Institute are surrounded by many stores and restaurants that provide a variety of food and drink. There are also many services that will deliver food to both locations. A list of convenient locations & services will be shared with jammers on the first day of the jam.

Take the time to enjoy a meal with your team outside of the jam space you are working in. Go outside. Take a walk. Give yourself a breath of fresh air as you go to grab a bite to eat. Your body and mind will be better for it, and in turn, your games will be better for it.

Several imited meals will be provided, complimentary, throughout the weekend. These are there to supplement our need for sustenance but not a replacement for proper nutrition. Jammers are expected to prepare and take care of their own dietary requirements. Some meals such as breakfast bagels, or a pizza dinner will be available to jammers in either location and will be announced throughout the jam. Snacks and refreshments will be available as well during the course of the weekend at both locations.

All food will be served on a "first come, first serve" basis. Some gluten free and vegan options may be provided, but aren't guaranteed for all meals. Please be prepared to provide for yourself at any given time.

We will not be able to provide computers or other equipment for jammers. If you are unable to bring your own device, please let us know and we'll see what we can do to help.


Each Global Game Jam 2020 location begins at 5 PM local time on Friday the 31st. It ends at 8 PM local time on Sunday afternoon. Most jams end on Sunday with presentations or play sessions where teams take turns showing the games they created. Actual development time for jammers is generally less than 48 hours but the whole GGJ20 experience spans the entire time.


Meet for the kickoff on UT Campus at FAC 21 from 4-9. (Starts at 5pm)

  • 5-7pm Presentation (info, guidelines, contact/communication, GGJ video, Theme announcement)
  • 7-9pm Team Formation, Room Assignments, and Pizza Party (provided by sponsor)

Afterward, teams can break to move to jam locations for start of jam. 

Note: It's typical of teams to use the first night to come up with their ideas and initial documentation, as well as plan roles of the members and prepare any tools they might need to obtain/download. It's not uncommon for jammers to call it a night at a decent hour, so they can wake early, regroup and kick off the next long day of jamming, freshly energized. We encourage and support this approach. Remember it's a marathon, not a sprint!

However, those looking to jam late into the evening, may consider HOFT, which will be accessible "24/7" throughout the jam, or make other arrangements to jam in a team members home or other accessible location, especially if it is closeby.


UT Campus (GDC) will be available for jamming starting at 8am and ending at 11pm.

Meal times will be announced on the Discord channel (link below).


UT Campus (GDC) will be available for jamming starting at 8am.

All games will need to be submitted by Sunday afternoon (time TBA)

Teams wanting to be considered for judging will need to meet on UT Campus at the GDC lobby, and set up for showcasing (time TBA)

Around 6 we will move everyone into the GDC auditorium for final announcements and shout out the judges highlighed picks for "award" categories.

The entire jam and closing ceremony should be completely wrapped with GGJ by 8pm


We will be making use of a Discord server for announcements and discussion throughout the jam. It is recommended that every jammer have access to the platform in order to raise their questions, find important info, or catch the latest announcements. Information on the Discord app can be found at You can also find the app available for download on your phone's app store.

One installed, connect to in order to access the server and find the appropriate chat channels. Don't hesitate to reach out to a site organizer during the kickoff ceremony if you have trouble connecting to the group or are unfamilar with how Discord works.

Stay tuned to this space for more details throughout the jam!

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18+ only

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