GGJ 2020 Halkyer Studios @ Colonial Crossings

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Halkyer Studios will be running the Global Game Jam again at Colonial Crossings! This is our 2nd year and with our increased capacity we hope for another successful event!

Small site with basement game development studio setup including:

  • Large table
  • Pens & Paper
  • Projector
  • Bathrooms
  • Power strips

This is a small site with limited space, so please RSVP ahead of time.


5pm            Kick off Jam
5:30pm       Keynote & Theme
6pm            Form Teams, Dinner, Brainstorm

11am          Game Page created

3pm-5pm   Upload games to GGJ server
4pm-5pm   Share created games


Who Can Participate: 
Anyone from the Colonial Crossings Community
Age Restrictions: 
18+ only
Maximum Capacity: 

Recently Uploaded Games

Players must work together quickly to input commands on a computer terminal. Multiplayer web-based game that uses players' smartphones as controllers (AirConsole).

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