Game Jam Tallinn in EUAS Mainor

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Dear registered jammers, we welcome you to come and check -in on Friday, 15.30, room 227, Suur-Sõjamäe 10a, Ülemiste City. 

Keynote speakers are Mikhail Fiadotau (Tallinn University) and Rein Zobel (Maru VR productions), starts at 16.00

Theme of GGJ 2020 will be announced 17.00

The best game will be chosen by the Jammers and Jury at 17.00 on Sunday. Pizza will be served at the end of the event. See detailed Schedule on our FB event site.

Our GGJ event mentors are:
Andriy Partyshev, Brandon Marsh, Fredi Tarenõmm, George Karangioules, Yevhen Bondarenko, Erik Kesa, Paul Sokk,
Taivo Seppa, Vladimir Kuts, Vanessa Vorteil, Marge Robam 


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18+ only
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