Galway, Ireland

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Accessing the jam site:

You can access the jam-site by car, bus or train. The site is located at the PorterShed which is the yellow building with the red door in the car park behind the trainstation/Hardiman hotel.

Doors are open from 5pm for people to arrive and set up in the Event Space. The jam is limited to using the event space, the kitchen and toilets. After 6pm we will close the doors for the night. To gain access to the building you must knock at the door/window and a staff member will grant you access to the building.

Closing times over the jam.
We do not plan on running the full 48hours straight. If you are interested in this please contact the organiser as soon as possible to make arrangements. (Note, the PorterShed has a concrete floor, if you intend to sleep there, you must bring a decent matt to ward off the cold!)


Thanks to PorterShed, Galway for supplying their awesome venue.

Huge thanks to Galway Film Centre for supporting this 48 hour game making event.

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18+ only
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