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​Frequently Asked Questions

Will food be provided?

We do plan on having food available throughout the event. My suggestion though is that you do bring your favorite snacks and drinks. We will have a few options to choose from if you do not have anything, but I think our variety might be a little bit low. The $20.00 entry fee is going primarily towards the four meals provided throughout the event. Please note that all proceeds are going back into the event. This is not a fundraiser.

Can I bring my own computer?

Yes, you may bring your own computer. We have 24 computers that may be used and preloaded with Maya, Substance Painter, and Unity. However, it is highly recommended that you preload all of the software prior to arriving to the event. We want you to enjoy your time here instead of spending time downloading and installing software.

Will there be sleeping arrangements?

No, Eastern Oklahoma County Technology Center is a high school institution. There may be a few current students from the game development program that are younger than 18 in attendance. Since this is the case, sleeping on campus is not encouraged. We will be shutting the building down based on the hours of the game jam, likely from midnight to 10:00am.

Do I need a team before arriving?

No, we plan to use the first part of the game jam to organize teams. If you have a team you are already a part of, that is fine. Our goal is to have teams made up of 4-6 people. We ask that if you are a team of 2 or 3, please consider adding a person or two to your team after arriving. Not required, but encouraged.

Can I build a game on my own?

Yes, but please realize that the nature of the global game jam is to work collectively and build something awesome. I would highly recommend that you join a team.

Do I have to prepay for the event?

You do not have to prepay for the event. We ask that everyone brings their entry fee to the door on Friday at 5:00pm. Please bring cash or check, cards will not be accepted, sorry!

What should I bring to the event?

I would recommend you bring snacks, any devices such as drawing tablets that you may want to use, and perhaps a few drawing utensils and/or paper. Much of this will still be provided, but it may not hurt to feel as though you are prepared.


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16+ only
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