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Welcome to DePaul's Global Game Jam, this year we're teaming up with Chicago's IGDA Chapter to give you a weekened of jammin, creatin and playin! 

If you've ever had interest in making your own game, this is the event for you. This is a weekend long event, beginning on Friday at 6PM in CDM, room 400. There will be access to other rooms and work spaces. Access to any other floors not being used for the jam during this time is strictly off limits. Check below for a brief schedule of events for the entire weekend. If you are not a DePaul Student please bring your own equipment. DePaul Students, there is limited equipment and it is first come first serve

Friday, Jan. 31st

6PM - Event begins, check in/registration in CDM 400 followed by a prep talk and announcement of the game jam's theme, formation of game jam teams will also be done around this time

7:30PM-11PM - Teams will have the remaining time after announcements to formulate their game ideas. Afterwards, spend the rest of the night at DePaul if you wish working on your game and get a head start on the competition.

Saturday, Feb. 1st

8AM - CDM building opens, teams will have all day to work on their games. 

This year we will have the building reserved for one night, so we can have teams stay overnight in the CDM Building for Saturday only. Once the building closes at 6pm, no one is allowed entry nor reentry back into the building. If you wish to leave the building at any time, you can do so (but please let your team and the site organizers know before hand!)

Hang out with us all night, or get home to get some sleep and come back when the building opens on Sunday at 12pm . Coordinate with your teams beforehand on what time you'll all meet again on Sunday. 

Sunday, Feb. 2nd

Continue working on games from the day before, resting or going home if needed.

12:00PM - All games must be submitted by this time

1PM - Judging of games begins (will be more like a critique panel) 

2PM (approx.) - Game Jam ends

Food Agenda details will come soon. There are some meals provided.

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18+ only

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