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This site is run by the Corvallis Game Devs, a game dev group based out of Corvallis (obviously!). This year we'll be meeting at the Corvallis Foundry (the same site we were at last year if you're a past participant!), a coworking space in downtown Corvallis. 

The site will be closed at night, though we'll be open during most daylight hours! On the first day we'll open our doors at 4:30, allowing some time for participants to arrive and get settled, then start the main proceedings at 5pm. On Saturday and Sunday we'll be opening at 10am, and on all days we'll be closing down for the night at 8pm.

We welcome people of any experience level to stop by and join us, even if you aren't qute sure if you want to make a game. If you're thinking of participating, bring whatever materials you may want to work with. Though videogames are most popular, people are definitely welcome to make something pen-and-paper related too!

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18+ only
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